Meet Marley

Marley specialises in all things attitude within small packages…

and she’s not shy to tell you otherwise

A small-town dog with a lot of attitude ready to branch out into the big city, Marley packs a lot of punch into her small package. Don’t take her lightly she likes to take on the big boys at their own game. This endearing mut has won hearts office-wide with her Yoda-like appearance and trumpeting howls that are perpetually muffled by her favorite stuffed piglet. Despite her miniature size, Marley can hang with even the biggest of office dogs, snatching their toys and running circles around them until they tire and concede defeat. If Marley could talk, she’d have a lot to say and tell you how it should be done. Just give her a toy or treat and she’ll show you her appreciation with her signature howl—the same one that rings through the office like a siren at 5:00 each day, alerting all that the workday has ended, at least according to her.